Change Requests relate to the Scope of a Project. Generally a Change Request is used as a method to discuss, review and evaluate potential Scope Changes.

Assuming that a Project Scoping document exists in either a Contract or a Project Proposal type document then that document provides the original Project Scope. Subsequent changes are managed through the Change Request system.

For an organisations internal project this provides a central location for collaboration on the project and ensures that the appropriate Team Members are engaged with the development of the change.

If the Project is being managed on behalf of a client, the Change Request process formalises all scope changes to ensure documentation is maintained for all changes. Assuming that a Change Request is approved it may also be associated with a Contract Variation process.

Creating a Change Request

Available from the My Work, My Portfolio or Portfolio view of UniPhi.

Select a specific Project in the Project filter.

Select the Change Requests system tab.

Select Add

Category Selection:  Select a category for the Change Request. This list will be tailored to your organisation.

Enter brief description in heading box “Change Request”

Select Save or Save & Drill to commit the Change Request to the system.

If you select Save the basic Change Request will be stored to the database and you will be returned to the Change Request summary page. If you select Save and Drill the Change Request will be saved to the database and the detailed view for this Change Request will be opened.

Opening a Change Request from the Summary Change Request page provides for accessing and editing the details of a Change Request at any time.

Description & Reason for Change: This is the area to present the requested change and the details of the reasoning behind the change if appropriate. There is also the option to develop this information as a Scoping document using a Document Template and link or attach that document as a more comprehensive explanation of the change.

Impact of Change: How would this change request impact the project if it were approved? Optionally include relevant costs and budget information.

Comments: This section is used by the project team members to discuss anything pertinent to the Change Request. This may include opinions on why to approve or reject and potentially conflicts with other change requests variations or issues.

The Sign-off section allows for the allocation of team members (Resources) for approving the change. Depending on the nature of the Change Request this list may reflect all or only some of the Project Team.

Change Requests for Approval will be included in the My Work listing for each team member assigned to the Sign-off listing.

A Change Request is considered Approved when All the assigned Team Members have Approved the Change. If any Team Members are yet to Approve or Reject a Change Request it will remain in the Awaiting Sign-off for those Team Members and will be flagged as Not yet approved. If any of the Team Reject the Change Request then it is flagged as Rejected once all assigned Team members have registered their Approval or Rejection.

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