Timesheets may appear as closed even when the user did not Submit the Timesheet themselves.

Closing a Financial Period Automatically Closes Timesheets

Timesheets are controlled as a part of the financial period settings that the UniPhi Administrator manages. As financial periods are processed and closed, so the Timesheet periods will be closed.

If a team member has not completed and sumbitted their timesheets in a period before the financial period is closed by a UniPhi Administrator, the timesheets that are incomplete will be automatically closed and submitted.

How to Open a Closed Timesheet Period

If it is critical that a timesheet is completed and is closed in the above scenario, the financial period will need to be re-opened (flagged as open) and the Timesheet Roll-back facility will need to be run to re-open the closed periods for the individual user or users.

It is strongly recommended that a weekly timesheet submission process is adhered to in order to avoid issues with closing financial periods with inadequate information for timesheets.

Who can access Financial Period Management

Financial Period management is only available to UniPhi Administrator licenced users. Generally this is a limited role within an organisation.


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