Managing projects under pressure can often lead to the approval process for many tasks being addressed verbally and without records as a result. Weeks later the reason for the approval is forgotten and the project manager is faced with an additional challenge of recalling past conversations.

UniPhi provides for approval workflows that make the transition from sticky notes and verbal approvals to a documented process easy.

Based on the standard permissions hierarchy in UniPhi of Team Member, Project Manager, Administrator (least to most permissions) the UniPhi workflows present approval workflows through the My Work Awaiting Sign-off panel.

Team Members are defined as junior level within the context of a project. They have access to UniPhi but with a limited view of the project. They may add / create new items and edit items owned or assigned to them but cannot self-approve their items. (items meaning Issues, Risks, Documents, etc.)

Items that a team member closes or signs-off are automatically moved to Awaiting Sign-off.

This action triggers the workflow process that displays the Awaiting Sign-off items for a project in the My Work Awaiting Sign-off panel for all team members with a higher permission level for that project.

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