The My Work Summary page in UniPhi is the default view when a UniPhi user first opens up their system.

The purpose of this page is to provide a summary of all current and future activities that require some action by the user. This can include items that are simply assigned to the user, may have a due date set (future dates in black and overdue dates in red), or some formal approval process required.

Documents: Will only appear if the document is based on a template that has a workflow and edit approval process defined. If the document has the defaults of any role to edit & approve, then the documents generated with that template are considered to be self-authored and self-approved and therefore a ‘My Work’ reminder is not required.

Challenge: How does a user know that they have self-authored documents to attend to ?

Selecting the My Work view and the Documents system presents a full list of documents for the specified projects filter (All Projects or a specific project). This list can be sorted by Due Date, Last Modified Date, etc. In this view the documents are generally in Private status (refer to the document status page for details) meaning that the documents are in a rough first draft for the author to complete.

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