One of the most powerful features of UniPhi is the Rich Text Box element in a UniPhi Document Template. Documents in UniPhi are then available to generate a PDF version for emailing or printing for distribution to clients and team members. Within that Rich Text Box you can create tables for presentation of information as a part of the document preparation. While this is similar to the many word processing […]

The My Work Summary page in UniPhi is the default view when a UniPhi user first opens up their system. The purpose of this page is to provide a summary of all current and future activities that require some action by the user. This can include items that are simply assigned to the user, may have a due date set (future dates in black and overdue dates in red), or […]

Workflow Approval Process

Managing projects under pressure can often lead to the approval […]

Tables in Documents

One of the most powerful features of UniPhi is the […]

Project Scope Changes

Change Requests relate to the Scope of a Project. Generally […]

Timesheets end of month

Timesheets may appear as closed even when the user did […]

Timesheets Past Periods

One of the issues that we are regularly asked about […]